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Esisto Textile

Design & Development

We are working with or designer team to develop according your demands or trends from fabric research to SMS or technical sketches. Also develop the collection from your designers send to our team for selection of trims print and garments.


We offer worldwide pricing, sampling, and production capabilities, taking into account the changing production conditions, pricing, loading terms, and our customers' quality values. This demonstrates our flexible and customer-oriented approach, allowing us to adapt to various variables to meet our customers' demands. This can enhance customer satisfaction and help us gain a competitive advantage.

Quality Assurance

All collection or bulk orders are followed from our merchandisers with request from brands to selected supplier. After pps control and confirmation inline also final inspection are hold in production step by step till shipment of good under our AQL reports sended to clients and they gave free to product for delivery.


We are our production for knitwear and woven styles for startup projects and fashion brands.
Production Countries: Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria.

Supply Chain Management;

We are giving the service to our customer to optimize and control all the supply chain with certified and not certified facilities to ensure the quality of product and conduct audits for social conditions according their Code of Conduct.


Dynamically mesh progressive platforms vis-a-vis state of the art growth strategies. Appropriately redefine prospective results for optimal supply chains

Merchandising and Personalised Uniforms

We specialize in merchandising and personalized uniforms. Our portfolio includes work with renowned brands such as AUDI, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, PORSCHE, REPSOL, GOE, STHIL, MAGIC LIFE, PALM SUNRISE, ROBINSON, ZAMNA MUSIC, HYPERDREAMS, and DON’T LET DADDY KNOW.

Sustainablitiy and Social Responsibility

We specialize in selecting manufacturers with streamlined supply chain operations and provide consultancy for their improvement. By establishing a global production network, we enable all our customers to grow alongside the manufacturers they nurture from a common source, fostering long-term partnerships."